Sustainability, data and AI
become the tools for boosting
value and down-the-line quality

30 March 2022 | Online

Day 1

10:00 UAE
10:00 – 10:15 (UAE TIME)

Moderator’s Introduction

Paul Godfrey, Events & Conference Producer

Value Engineering is increasingly misconstrued as a simply a sophisticated way of cutting costs and corners. Yet the reality is that there are few disciplines which have seen such dramatic progress in recent years and where the latest developments in Smart technology, Data analysis and Connected Working have found a natural home, informing VE initiatives and ensuring that they deliver a ‘critical mass’ approach where quality and lifestyle delivery can be achieved within budget.

10:15 – 10:45 (UAE TIME)

Keynote Presentation

David Clifton, Vice President – Business Development, Hill International (Middle East)

Value Engineering isn’t about making ‘ad hoc’, project-by-project contingencies, but rather, has to reflect the overall performance of the organisation and its abilities to consistently build bridges between client expectations and its own performance requirements. The key elements of any Value Engineering programme will also inevitably reflect current economic performance and must factor in not only the basics such as the conversion costs of imported goods, but the current likelihoods of a business reaching agreed regional targets.

10:45 – 11:15 (UAE TIME)

VIP Presentation

Carolina Fong Guzzy, Co-Founder/Digital Engineering Manager, Accienta

At its core, Digital Transformation is about the effective capture and analysis of primary data – and there is simply nothing more fundamental to effective Value Engineering. The retrieval of relevant data also directly impacts the quest for Sustainability and determines the life-cycle returns on any given project, and whether or not these fall within acceptable quotients. Caroline Fong Guzzy explains how Digital Transformation can be put into effect in the most practical ways and how it can influence the most basic ways in which organisations understand and see project delivery and value.

11:30 – 12:15 (UAE TIME)

Expert Panel

‘Why Sustainability and Value Engineering aren’t enemies’

While in reality, Sustainability need not necessarily add to a project’s bottom line – whether or not we cost in life-time projections and amortize accordingly – there is still the perpetuating ‘urban myth’ that believes qualities such as Sustainability are expensive luxuries that are best engineered out – not in. Here, an expert panel brings perspectives from four very different disciplines, and argues that in today’s world, Sustainability has to be incorporated from Day One and the right cost optimisations can be fully part and parcel of the Value Engineering model.

Key Themes:

  • Value Engineering and integrated project management platforms
  • Sustainability as process
  • Sustainability and public sector planning
  • The role of Data in making informed lifetime decisions

Moderator: Paul Godfrey, Events and Conference Producer, CPI Trade Media

Confirmed panellists:

  • Prakash Senghani, Head of Digital Delivery, JLL
  • Peter Docwra, Former Executive Director, G20 Summit Riyadh
  • John Shenton, Regional Contract Manager – GCC. for Averda
  • Aliyar Mufaris, Commercial & Tendering Department Head, Bainona Engineering Consultancy

12:30 – 13:00 (UAE TIME)

VIP Presentation

Ash Toma, Regional Strategic Asset Management Director Middle East, Atkins

Data is, quite simply, Value Engineering’s biggest ally. Yet it remains dramatically under-exploited and the systems for its gathering, analysis and application are often woefully inadequate. What are the systems we need in place to properly crunch the numbers and what should we expect them to tell us? How do we best utilise an integrated Data platform? These are the highly practical aspects addressed in this presentation, giving immediately-useable takeaways for businesses of all sizes.

13:00 (UAE TIME)

Moderator summing-up; day closes