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30 March 2022 | Online
Director, Head of Digital Delivery | JLL

Prakash Senghani

Prakash has diverse experience delivering, designing and managing large scale projects across multiple asset classes in the UK, Asia, and The Middle East. His passion for utilizing technology to add value and tackle challenges faced by the Construction industry have led to a career exploring and implementing the latest innovations across the project lifecycle. Prakash’s practical knowledge and experience identifying, implemented and evaluating the success of the digital delivery of real estate assets has meant he is considered a thought leader in this space. His main areas of focus are the continued proliferation of Building Information Modelling, the implementation of Generative Design and advancement of Modern Construction Techniques such as 3D Printing and Modular Construction. Prakash firmly believe that all of these technological advancements will be underpinned with a more data driven approach to design and management, which in turn will lead to effective decision making through the applications of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Prakash is also an active entrepreneur and angle investor being a direct part of the change he wants to see in the industry and supporting start-ups with advice, expertise and capital.