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30 June 2020
Engineering and Innovation Director | Arabtec Construction LLC

Bram van Olffen

Bram van Olffen has been a part of Arabtec since May 2018 leading the Technical Department which includes BIM, Engineering and Tendering divisions.

He has over 13 years of project management experience in the construction industry managing complex multidisciplinary projects, specialising in design as well as structural and technical engineering. He has created and led large teams of engineers for both commercial and industrial projects, ensuring the effective delivery of projects within budget, time and quality standards.

Over the course of Bram’s career, he has been actively involved in all aspects of the project life-cycle, from initial concept design through to project delivery, and has played a key role in managing the expectations of project stakeholders in complex environments. Bram has a comprehensive understanding and experience in different procurement models, as well as strong technical knowledge in structure, methods and architecture.