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28 June – 1 July 2020
General Manager-Technical | Hard Precast Building Systems, LLC

Bahaa Ibrahim

Bahaa Ibrahim got engaged in the structural engineering from 1999 up to present where he gets connected with Hard Precast Building Systems in 2007. Currently, he is a General Manager in the Technical Division directing 30 staffs in the design department and 20 staffs in the QA/QC department. His function is not limited to technical division but has comprises with HSE functions as well.

Having 20 years of skill in the structural engineering and precast design, he managed several types of design and built projects encompassing several precast applications. Making the most innovative and dynamic precast solutions with value engineering ability depicts his expertise in this field.
Positive approach in adapting to ever changing innovations has set him to limitless enhancement of strategic and effective solutions.

Listens and understands appropriate methodology for the needs of all stakeholders.
An efficient support from tendering to operations processes.

Objective mindset and strong management skills works towards success of this company (HPBS) considering the turbulence that most experiences nowadays.

Derived from being aggressive and immense technical know-how marks HPBS good rapport towards authorities and precast stakeholders which makes beneficial for projects approval.

Together with his technical team, he has able to convert all the technical works to complete BIM platform.