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30 March 2022 | Online
Vice President – Business Development | Hill International (Middle East)

David Clifton

David has been in the Middle East for more than a decade working with leading consultancies. His background in analysis and commentary around macro and regional economic drivers has developed into making him a trusted industry and client advisor in this area. Having worked across a range of industries, including retail, residential, hospitality and industrial, he has established a firm grasp on the regional challenges and drivers.

David has been working with major government and quasi government clients to develop the mandates laid down regionally to drive alternative investment and greater transparency in the delivery system as well as encouraging local talent and supply chain contribution to projects and programmes As Vice President of Hill International, David is developing the awareness of the long history of the organisation’s capabilities, both locally and internationally. Whether in the fields of project management, advisory, site supervision or facilities management. David is committed to finding the correct ways in which to solve client and industry problems.