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Dubai-based master developer Nakheel has unveiled its new brand promise for the next phase of growth. The firm said its new positioning supports the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan and will reinforce Dubai as a global destination of choice, and position it as the best city to live in the world.

The developer said it will further support the master plan’s goals of providing the highest standards of urban infrastructure and facilities, developing vibrant and inclusive communities, fostering greater economic activity and positioning Dubai as an aspirational city to visit, live and thrive in. The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan was unveiled by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in March 2021.

In November 2021, the developer announced the redevelopment of Jebel Ali Village.

“This is an exciting transformational phase for Nakheel, which is synonymous with Dubai’s journey of growth, developing landmarks including Palm Jumeirah, The Palm Tower and Palm West Beach. By focusing on building happiness and prosperity, the Nakheel re-brand reflects its focus on the wellbeing and quality of life for citizens, residents and visitors, enhancing communities and building for Dubai’s future, whilst curating meaningful and rewarding experiences,” explained Nakheel CEO Naaman Atallah.

Atallah added that the re-brand is a natural evolution that will see Nakheel focus even more on its customers, offering exceptional brand value and creating stronger, more engaging relationships by becoming partners in their experiences.

In January 2022, Nakheel launched a new luxury villa community at Tilal Al Furjan.

He remarked, “At the same time, we will continue to transform land and water into vibrant, sustainable cities through our internationally recognised developments and unrivaled experiences for all. We are building today for a better tomorrow.”

The Nakheel re-brand campaign will be visible across multiple communication channels including digital, outdoor and social. This multi-format is designed to resonate with residents and visitors, reflecting their own experiences in Dubai, or aspirational experiences they would like to embark upon, he concluded.

Later in January 2022, the developer appointed ASGC to build 620 homes at Murooj Al Furjan.

On 5 October, Middle East Consultant will host its Wellness in Construction Summit in Dubai. Registration is complementary but mandatory for construction professionals.

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Manitowoc has modernised one of its most popular cranes over the last two decades with a host of new features from the MLC range, the company has announced.

According to the manufacturer, the Manitowoc 999 lattice-boom crawler crane has been updated and upgraded into the MLC250, including significant updates but retaining the characteristics that have built the 999’s reputation in the infrastructure, refinery, and commercial building end markets.

Key specifications largely remain unchanged, with the new MLC250 using the same boom sections that provide a maximum boom length of 88.4m and class-leading load charts. One key change is the switch to open-loop hydraulics, versus the closed-loop system on the 999. Now, every main function, apart from the swing, is powered by the same two main pumps, reducing parasitic load.

In September 2021, the firm said it had updated the Grove TMS9000-2 truck crane with more power and faster setup while, in June 2022, it launched a new version of its Potain MCT 565 for short-jib applications.

Several major changes have also been made to the carbody, so its counterweights now double as part of the upper deck and serve as a more stable walking platform, replacing the 999’s walkways that pivoted over the counterweights.

“The Model 999 has been a firm favorite with contractors in the heavy construction and energy sectors for 20 years, providing enough reach and capacity to tackle virtually any job,” said Brennan Seeliger, Product Manager at Manitowoc Cranes.

He concluded, “Feedback received through our Voice of the Customer new product development process showed that users were still satisfied with its performance, but there were areas that could be enhanced to bring it in line with our newer crawlers. Following a wide range of updates, it seemed only logical to move the 999 into the MLC line-up, which shares many of those same features.”

In August 2022, Manitowoc confirmed Jennifer Peterson as its General Counsel.

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The construction sector is a major contributor to global and regional GDP, and acts as an incubator for innovation and advancements, the problem is that it is not seen nor appreciated as such. As the world faces uncertain times, history tells us that turning to construction will help sustain jobs, drive growth, and allow economies to come out of the other side with enhanced infrastructure. Therefore, the significance and impact of the global construction industry cannot be understated.

Meeting the new challenges as well as overcoming the old will not be possible without embracing digitalisation. The needs of populations are evolving as influences left over from the pandemic and rising awareness of climate change impact public consciousness, politics, and economics; all of which have technological solutions which are proving to be invaluable.

First let us consider the ‘old’ problems, the principle one being the productivity gap – it has been widely reported that construction productivity has either been stagnant or in decline since the early 1970s. There are numerous issues with trying to measure productivity in the industry, as sometimes the statistics can be hard to get or to validate. However, the scale of the gap with other industries cannot be explained away by mere mismeasurement. The industries that have accelerated their productivity growth have at least one thing in common; they have all digitalised.

If we subscribe to the causal relationship between digitalisation and productivity growth then construction businesses could have been considered lagging, however the most cited data comes from reports produced by management consultants almost half a decade ago.

Since those reports, the world has changed; the industry has become more self-aware, digital transformation programmes are common, digital natives have entered leadership positions and the pandemic forced us to adopt digital tools. Those reports also implied that as an industry, we were purposefully being resistant to change, but recent events have proved this not to be the case. Costs and accessibility were a barrier to digitalisation for the construction industry, both of which are no longer the case, with the prices of both hardware and software declining and internet connectivity becoming more ubiquitous.

A strong argument can be made that construction is one of the most traditional industries and thus it has been facing issues in adapting to digitalisation, however manufacturing is equally as traditional, yet they are often used as a comparator for productivity growth. It is no coincidence then that construction is borrowing techniques from manufacturing to industrialise production of building elements, with the ever-wider utilisation of modular and prefabricated methods of construction; great examples can be found on residential projects in Dubai (I live in a house which was built using precast slabs, walls, columns, and beams) and on hospitality giga projects in KSA.

Another advancement that we have seen over the past five years is the use of common data environments (CDEs) as a centralised repository for all project related information across the entire lifecycle. CDEs have expanded their reach and capabilities in sync with the proliferation of cloud computing which, usually, for construction has kept pace with adoption in other industries. CDEs allow for a single source of truth and make data accessible to all project stakeholders in a controlled manner, helping to remove inefficiencies and potential errors, all helping to improve productivity.

The widespread use of CDEs mean that the industry is digital data rich, much of this data is structured and easily accessible, this has led to a revolution in the way that decisions are made, using business intelligence tools to visualise data instead of thick wordy reports. This allows insights to be gleaned much more effectively and accurately.

Apart from these there are many digital tools and technologies being explored, the difference to five years ago is that these are being more readily piloted, which speaks to the change in attitudes to researching and adopting new technology, I have seen robots, 3D printers, drones and various levels of AI being deployed across the industry. I am convinced that this openness to looking at new technology is a lasting consequence of the pandemic, when we were forced to adapt and found that it wasn’t all that bad.

The ’new’ problems which the industry faces are partly because of having a larger digital footprint and partly due to its oversized carbon footprint. The issues associated with the former come in the form of cyber security threats, navigating data sovereignty (which is often geo-political) and skills shortages. These are being addressed through better education and training as well as employing people from diverse and non- traditional talent pools such as video game developers and data scientists.

The issue of climate change and our industry’s contribution to it is one that will inevitably involve technological solutions; from using IoT devices to measure baselines and track improvements, to utilising AI to design more efficient buildings and building elements. The maturity of BIM and the availability of data is allowing asset owners to visualise their assets in greater detail than ever before; these digital twins can be utilised to understand how an asset is performing and make decisions how it can be optimised.

Although we still have a way to go and the journey to transform digitally may never truly end, we are much further along than five years ago where we were being derided for being only marginally more digitised than agriculture and farming. Challenges still exists, but they are starting to be less about accepting change and more about how to make that change stick. These challenges stem from trying to use traditional techniques and processes to procure, evaluate and manage the new ways of working.

Despite these challenges we should be proud of what we have achieved and celebrate the successes. Instead of allowing management consultants with vested interests to tell us how far we are behind, we must remind them that it is us that will be at the forefront of providing solutions for the challenges to come.

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UAE retailer Union Coop has completed Nad Al Hammar Mall, a retail destination located in the Nad Al Hammar area of Dubai. The mall features 17 shops with a total commercial area of 21,331sqft on the first floor, which will also contain a Union Coop hypermarket spread over 42,943sqft.

A statement from Union Coop said that the destination will open its doors on 29 September and will consist of two floors with 26 shops and three kiosks on the ground floor. It will be spread out over 117,349sqft of land, and will offer 157 parking spaces, in addition to outdoor parking spots available in the area.

In August 2022, Emaar said it was considering selling online fashion brand Namshi and was given investor go ahead in September 2022.

Announcing the launch, Engineer Madiya Ahmad Al Marri, Investment Division Director, said the new retail facility falls in one of the community mall categories. The mall is distinguished by its vital location, as it will serve the residents of Nad Al Hammar and its surrounding areas, she stated.

“Also, it has received an overwhelming response from investors and tenants, as all the shops in the new mall have been rented out and that too in record time,” remarked Al Marri. These include a mix of renowned international and local brands as well as pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, perfume shops, jewelers, health clinics, salons, fabrics, and abaya tailoring units, she added.

In September 2022, DMCC said all office space at its Uptown Tower has been fully pre-lease and, later in the month, Sweid & Sweid said it was launching a new commercial project in Dubai Internet City.

Harib Mohammed Binthani, Operations Division Director at Union Coop highlighted that the new mall would increase the proportions of the strategic stock of goods in the cooperative, and will include new shopping patterns, as it contains well-known international and local brands.

Mohammed Berregad Al Falasi, Admin Affairs Department Director pointed out that work on the administration offices and the setting up of internal warehouse equipment was completed in record time. Despite the timely work, Union Coop did not neglect the aspect of the urban architectural designs of the new mall – it has an architectural addition to the area characterised by modern and distinctive facades with its stunning lighting and innovative designs, the statement said.

The mall has also allocated a special corner for charities in spaces and donation boxes, as is the case in all Union Coop centres, the statement concluded.

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Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has announced that its operating and maintenance subsidiary, Nawah Energy Company (Nawah), has successfully started Unit 3 of the Barakah Nuclear Plant.

The start-up of Unit 3 shows the significant progress being made in bringing the four units of the Barakah Plant online, according to ENEC. The nuclear plant, said to be the first multi-unit operational nuclear plant in the Arab World, is located in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

The milestone highlights the acceleration of the decarbonisation of the UAE’s power sector on the way to Net Zero by 2050; the start-up of Unit 3 has been achieved one year after the start-up of Unit 2, with the next key milestone being the connection of Unit 3 to the national electricity grid in the coming weeks, the statement added. Construction of Unit 3 was completed in November 2021.

Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ENEC, said: “We have reached another major milestone in the delivery of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program today, as we move forwards with the provision of strategically significant clean energy for the UAE.”

Unit 3 will add another 1,400MW of zero-carbon emission electricity capacity to the national grid, a major boost for UAE energy security. The clean electricity generated at Barakah is sustainably powering homes, business and high-tech industries across the UAE, ENEC pointed out.

Nawah, the joint venture nuclear operations and maintenance subsidiary of ENEC and the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), has been safely progressing through a comprehensive testing program, prior to successfully completing the start-up of the third nuclear energy reactor of the Barakah Plant, ENEC said.

Testing is being undertaken under the continued oversight of the UAE’s independent nuclear regulator, the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR), and follows the World Association of Nuclear Operators’ (WANO) completion of a Pre-Start-Up Review (PSUR), prior to receipt of the Operating License, which ensures Unit 3 is aligned with international best practice in the nuclear energy industry.

In August 2021, ENEC said Unit 2 of Barakah Nuclear Energy was powered up.

Start-up is the first time Unit 3 has produced heat through nuclear fission. The heat is used to create steam, turning a turbine to generate electricity. Making use of the experience gained in the start-up of Unit 1 and Unit 2, the qualified and licensed team of nuclear operators conducted numerous safety tests after safely loading fuel into the reactor earlier this year, ENEC explained.

In the coming weeks, Unit 3 will be connected to the national electricity grid and the operations team will continue with the process of gradually raising power levels, known as Power Ascension Testing (PAT). The process will be continuously monitored and tested until maximum electricity production is reached, while adhering to all regulatory requirements and the highest international standards of safety, quality and security.

Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the Barakah Plant are operating commercially, providing clean and reliable electricity 24/7, while Unit 4 is in the final stages of commissioning prior to completion of construction.

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John Deere is increasing the production capacity of battery-technology specialist Kreisel Electric, in which it recently acquired majority ownership, the company has announced.

According to the manufacturer, an immediate investment in two additional production facilities in Europe and the US, will bring an increase of over two GWh to Kreisel’s battery production capacity, beginning with the opening of a new facility at the John Deere Saran factory. The location is the primary manufacturing location for John Deere engines in the European Union, the company noted.

The funds from the investment will primarily be deployed within the mobile commercial and industrial solutions, as well as the charging infrastructure division of Kreisel. In parallel with this project, the company says it will also invest in battery assembly in the United States to support the growth of its customers and John Deere products.

In August 2022, John Deere enhances its knuckleboom loader line-up and unveiled its G-tier compact wheel loader models.

This investment follows the finalisation of the acquisition of majority ownership by John Deere earlier this year with the Kreisel alignment serving, as the cornerstone for the electrification of John Deere Brand products.

“This investment will put a strong focus on the industrialisation and automation of the entire production process, as well as research and development capacities at Kreisel HQ in Rainbach,” said Jennifer Preston, Global Director, John Deere Electric Power in a statement.

“We are embarking toward a future with zero emissions propulsion and pursuing our sustainability goal to demonstrate viable low- and no-carbon alternative power solutions by 2026,” she concluded.

In September 2022, Johnson Arabia grew its fleet with a wide range of new battery-powered equipment.

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The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has invited expressions of interest (EOI) from leading developer/developer consortia to build and operate a solar photovoltaic power project in the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park (MBR Solar Park).

The facility, which is being developed as an Independent Power Project (IPP), will be commissioned in phases starting from Q3 2025.

The project is being set up as part of the Solar Photovoltaic Power Project Phase VI in MBR Solar Park, DEWA noted. According to the utility major, the deadline for sending the EoIs has been set for 10 October.

In January 2022, Abengoa announced the completion of solar fields at MBR Solar Park while, in August 2022, DEWA noted that construction work on the 950MW fourth phase of the solar park was 90% complete.

The power generated by the project will be purchased by DEWA under a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA). It is set to prove an attractive ‘golden contract’ for potential investors, avoiding much of the uncertainty surrounding the CAPEX outlay that photovoltaic plants can typically involve, DEWA noted.

The systems set to be used in the plant will epitomise world-leading photovoltaic technology, featuring self-cleaning cells with remote Smart management used throughout, DEWA explained.

The overall project will be one of the largest of its kind in the GCC and will use Big Data to achieve advanced power conservation and channeling – able to smooth power generation curves 24/7 across day and night operation.

In September 2022, DEWA announced that it had received four bids for the 900MW sixth phase of the solar park.

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The ME Digital Construction Awards (ME DCA) will be held on 15 March 2023, instead of the originally scheduled date of 25 October 2022, according to the Big Project Middle East (BPME) editorial team.

The reason for this date change is due to the unprecedented level of interest in the awards, and a desire to allow nominees more time to work on their submissions, Gavin Davids, Head of Editorial and Content at BPME said.

He stated, “Following a number of conversations with event partners, sponsors and potential participants, the editorial and commercial team at BPME decided that the best thing for the ME Digital Construction Awards would be to move it to a more accessible date in the coming year.”

Learn more about the ME Digital Construction Awards by visiting its dedicated website.

“As such, we’ve decided to hold the awards on 15 March 2023 to ensure that the event continues to maintain the high-standards set by the BPME brand – both in terms of submissions and attendance,” Davids noted.

The awards follows the successful launch of the Digital Construction Summit (formerly known as the ME BIM Summit), and will celebrate the projects, teams and individuals embracing innovation and technology in the regional built environment.

The inaugural event features 12 curated categories including: Excellence in Digital Planning and Design Implementation of the Year; Digital Construction Project of the Year; Big Project ME’s Technology Champion of the Year; Digital Construction Company of the Year (Contractor); Digital Construction Company of the Year (Consultant) and many more.

Following the close of nominations and an exhaustive judging process, winners in each category will be revealed at the gala dinner in Dubai on 15 March 2023. The new deadline for submissions is 15 February 2023. Read the awards’ nomination guidelines here.

The editorial team noted that the venue for the awards will be confirmed shortly and stated there is no charge to submit nominations. It also confirmed that companies that make the shortlist will be contacted by the BPME team to discuss attendance to the gala dinner.

“As the regional construction industry becomes increasingly digitalised, the BPME editorial team felt it was time for a separate awards event to celebrate the companies and organisations that are pioneering the sector’s digital future,” Davids emphasised.

“The emphasis of these awards will be firmly on a company’s digital achievements and innovations, both on projects and across their operations, while the Big Project ME Awards and Middle East Consultant Awards will continue to focus on the overall performance and capabilities of construction-focused organisations.”

He added that the BPME Awards will continue to be a highlight of the construction industry’s calendar, with those awards set to be held on 15 December 2022 at the Ritz Carlton JBR in Dubai.

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Doosan will launch its new 4×4 articulated dump truck (ADT) as part of several world premieres at Bauma 2022, the company has announced.

Complementing the company’s standard range of 6×6 ADT models, the company says the new 4×4 version of the DA45-7 ADT is intended to compete with rigid dump trucks (RDTs) in the 40t class.

The new 4×4 DA45-7 ADT complements the current market-leading range of Stage V compliant 6×6 ADTs from Doosan, which includes the DA30-7 and DA45-7 models with payloads of 28-and-41t, respectively.

In March 2022, Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction broke ground on a 400,000sqm forging and casting facility in Saudi Arabia.

In the new 4×4 ADT, the front truck and cab unit is the same as in the original 6×6 model, with modifications being made on the rear dumper unit only. Featuring a ZF EP8-420 transmission, the 4×4 DA45-7 is a two-axle ADT with twin wheels at the rear, and with a dumper section similar to that on RDTs in the 40t class.

According to the manufacturer, the new 4×4 DA45-7 ADT has a width of less than four metres to avoid the need for special transportation and offers a better turning radius than a comparable RDT, providing particular advantages in the mining and tunnelling industries.

“With superior operation on poorer roads, smoother surfaces and steeper terrain, the aim of our new 4×4 machine is to challenge RDTs in the 40t class, by providing a dumper product that delivers much more than RDTs,” says Beka Nemstsveridze, ADT Product Manager at Doosan.

In June 2022, Hyundai expanded its heavy construction range with two articulated dump trucks.

He concluded, “The development of our 4×4 ADT was inspired by customer demand and the new 4×4 ADT can meet the needs of markets around the world by offering a compelling advantage to customers with specific requirements. For example, a machine like this might be able to extend the season for a mine that normally has to be stopped for a certain period due to the rainy season.”

In August 2022, Doosan Enerbility said it won an EPC contract for the $640mn Shuaibah 3 IWP in Saudi Arabia.

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High-end real estate developer Alpago properties has launched ‘Dubai’s only’ double signature villa, named Casa Del Sole. The property is located on Frond G of the Palm Jumeirah and is set to be Dubai’s biggest and most expensive luxury property. The property is due for completion by Q1 2023.

Casa Del Sole is described by the developer as ‘a modern masterpiece’ and ‘a true architectural wonder’. With panoramic views across to the Atlantis, it will feature a wealth of bespoke features with many high-specification materials purpose-sourced from quarries in Europe and SE Asia, the developer noted.

Group Founder Murat Ayyildiz said: “We are pleased to launch Dubai’s only double signature villa on the Palm Jumeirah ‘Billionaires’ Row’, underlining our commitment to continue developing ultra-luxurious properties. Case Del Sole is a true work of art and we are delighted to announce it is nearing completion to be ready for the first quarter of 2023.”

In March 2022, Majid Al Futtaim Communities launched the Elysian Mansions at its Tilal Al Ghaf development while, in April 2022, Dubai South inked a deal to develop a premium golf community.

The property boasts eight bedrooms and has been built over four levels (basement, ground, first, second Floors) on a plot of 28,000sqft. It is expected to have an enclosed area of about 25,000sqft, which the developer says will make it the biggest signature villa in Alpago Properties’ collection of six elite properties on the Palm Jumeirah.

Chairman Ridvan Ayyildiz added, “At Alpago Properties we continuously aim to create unrivalled properties that are at the pinnacle of luxury, style, and convenience. This double-signature villa features the highest quality of amenities and perfectly combines top-end design with prime functionality to create an iconic landmark on the real estate landscape of Dubai.”

He concluded, “Casa Del Sole is a modern-day palace, which features chic and favourable amenities such as a home cinema, private bowling alley, infinity pool, high-end sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, and a bar and lounge terrace that are outstandingly designed and second-to-none.”

In September 2022, DAMAC Properties announced Gems Estates, an ultra-luxurious collection of high-end five- to seven-bedroom mansions in the DAMAC Hills community.

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