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30 March 2022 | Online
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Virtual VE Summit

Now entering a new era of significant upscaling, the Construction industry has a raft of never-before-seen tools at its disposal for creating strong stakeholder returns. The VE Summit highlights these key change-makers: the synergy between Value Engineering and Sustainable Construction; and how Data – the industry’s untapped resource – can improve the safety, productivity and quality of regional development.

There is a focus, too, on Artificial Intelligence and how I.O.T tech can transform on-site protocols with new standards of excellence. But are we leveraging these advances enough and fully understanding their worth? Plus, for those brave enough to innovate, the advances in prefabrication and modular construction offer dramatic savings in cost and time.



The fifth annual Value Engineering Summit will be streamed live over one day, commencing on 30 March, 2022.



This is an opportunity to reach consensus on how the industry can best use the new techniques and technology at is disposal. The panels, presentations and discussions will highlight the key dialogues and provide portable take-aways that can be used in the workplace with immediate effect.



The last edition of the Value Engineering Summit saw the event hosted virtually, with over 1,150 industry professionals tune in over the three days.

Wide Reach

The virtual event saw 61% of the viewers connect from the MENA region and a combined 39% from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Levant and Oceania – basically reaching all corners off the globe.

Project Managers








The debates showcased at this event push the boundaries of industry attitudes and knowledge; we deliberately seek to raise the bar, lobbying for change in the application and use of leading-edge Value Engineering principles.


Value Engineering is the natural ally of Sustainability

Bottom line: Sustainability is all about reducing cost in the medium and long-term, and the approaches pioneered by Value Engineering are ideal tools for improving ongoing stakeholder returns.


In a sector awash with Data, why aren’t we using it?

Construction projects generate profound levels of data at every turn, and it’s time we turned these numbers into hard facts about the routes and approaches that best deliver quality and profitability.

AI and IOT

Letting the machines do the talking

Integrated strategies are at the core of Value Engineering, and now – for the first time – we have the means to deliver outstanding uptime, uniting the views of global partners with those at every Construction coalface.

Check the


The event will bring together the industry’s leading minds for an insightful date packed with discussions and presentations.

March 30

Day 01.

10:00 – 10:15 (UAE TIME)

Moderator’s Introduction

Paul Godfrey, Events & Conference Producer

10:15 – 10:45 (UAE TIME)

Keynote Presentation

David Clifton, Vice President – Business Development, Hill International (Middle East)

10:45 – 11:15 (UAE TIME)

VIP Presentation

Carolina Fong Guzzy, Co-Founder/Digital Engineering Manager, Accienta

11:30 – 12:15 (UAE TIME)

Expert Panel

‘Why Sustainability and Value Engineering aren’t enemies’

12:30 – 13:00 (UAE TIME)

VIP Presentation

Ash Toma, Regional Strategic Asset Management Director Middle East, Atkins

13:00 (UAE TIME)

Moderator summing-up; day closes

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Our speakers are critical in underpinning the quality and credibility of the event and its role as a benchmark event for the regional market.

If you would like to partake and add to the topic of discussion, please contact

John Shenton

Regional Contracts Manager – GCC

John Shenton

Carolina Fong Guzzy

Co-Founder / Digital Engineering Manager

Carolina Fong Guzzy

Prakash Senghani

Director, Head of Digital Delivery

Prakash Senghani
Hill International (Middle East)

David Clifton

Vice President – Business Development
Hill International (Middle East)

David Clifton
G20 Summit Riyadh

Peter Docwra

Former Executive Director
G20 Summit Riyadh

Peter Docwra

Ash Toma

Regional Strategic Asset Management Director Middle East

Ash Toma
Bainona Engineering Consultancy

Aliyar Mufaris

Commercial & Tendering Department Head
Bainona Engineering Consultancy

Aliyar Mufaris


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